For Employers

The thrust of our management practice focuses on preventative employment practices.

Haynes Law Firm assists employers with developing and implementing employer policies and practices that foster employee relations and minimize the risk of costly lawsuits. We advise our clients on day-to-day employment law issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • the appropriate use of contract employees
  • methods for avoiding constructive dismissal claims
  • the development of effective progressive discipline policies
  • plans for accommodating employees with disabilities
  • guidelines for maintaining a harassment-free workplace
  • procedures for managing employee terminations

The firm is also skilled in drafting documents such as employment contracts, severance packages, and employee policies.

In addition to counselling our clients on the many issues they face in today’s business environment, we also assist employers in litigating employment and related disputes. We provide representation at all stages of an employment law dispute, from commencing or defending an action, to representing our clients in court. Where appropriate, we also use Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques such, fact-finding, mediation and arbitration in an effort to control our clients’costs and minimize uncertainty. In this way, Haynes Law Firm strives not only to achieve positive results for our clients, but also to establish long-term relationships with them.