Employment Law

Haynes Law Firm provides its clients with extensive experience and an understanding of a fast-changing workplace.

The modern workplace has its own complexities which, in turn, have given rise to increased disputes between employers and employees. Some reasons for this trend include:

  • new levels of awareness of individual employee rights by workers at all levels;
  • widespread downsizing;
  • the rise of new types of employment arrangements other than full-time work;
  • a far more competitive economic environment; and
  • the creation, through the courts, of new grounds for commencing legal actions.

At Haynes Law Firm, we have successfully represented and counselled both individuals and businesses in employment law matters. We defend and bring cases in the provincial and superior courts, as well as at the various employment-related boards and tribunals. We regularly advise and represent employees and employers in matters such as preventative counselling, employment law and discrimination claims, litigation, mediation and arbitration. Pre-litigation strategies also help both parties to avoid lawsuits.