Litigation is the act or process of bringing a lawsuit in a court in order to enforce a particular right.

Litigation is one of the most difficult situations a client can face. At Haynes Law Firm, we believe that careful investigation and analysis, together with the effective application of an agreed-upon strategy, can make a difference not only in how a client deals with litigation, but also in the outcome of a case.

We have extensive experience in using non-adversarial models of conflict management, including mediation, conciliation, and arbitration procedures. By using these methods, we have successfully resolved various litigation disputes and reduced our clients’ legal fees.

Pre-litigation strategies also help both parties avoid lawsuits. During the course of representing our clients, our goal is to achieve “win-win” results that meet our clients’ legal and business objectives. However, not every dispute can be resolved in this manner and where litigation is the only appropriate way to settle the dispute, we provide zealous, aggressive and professional representation.

In addition to employment-related litigation cases, Haynes Law Firm handles a broad range of litigation services in the areas of:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Family Law Disputes