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Haynes Law Firm is a boutique employment law firm located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Established nearly 30 years ago by respected employment lawyer Paulette Haynes, the firm’s practice is dedicated exclusively to employment law. Haynes Law Firm represents both employers and employees from across Canada, in all types of workplace issues and disputes.

Paulette Haynes, the firm’s founder, is a seasoned employment lawyer who has devoted her nearly three-decade-long career solely to the practice of employment and labour law. Known as a formidable advocate with a persuasive and engaging courtroom presence, Paulette is a force to be reckoned with and a challenging opponent for even the largest employment firms in the country. Paulette is exceptionally knowledgeable, tactically astute, and inspires confidence in her clients. She is highly dedicated to delivering proactive and effective legal solutions to workplace disputes and is intensely passionate about achieving successful outcomes for her clients. At Haynes Law Firm, Paulette has built a team that echoes her intense resolve and unrelenting determination to achieve successful results for every client, in every case.

Haynes Law Firm operates with a strict code of ethical standards and integrity. Clients are treated with the utmost respect and receive attentive service. The firm’s legal team provides honest, straightforward assessments of issues and offers practical advice and guidance. Strategy over flattery is always preferred.

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Haynes Law Firm in Toronto helps employers and employees comply with legal obligations, protect their interests, and avoid undesirable outcomes. The firm provides security for employers through intelligent risk management and dispute mitigation strategies, and confidence for employees by levelling the playing field with employers that have the funding and counsel to support an employment dispute. The firm’s legal team is vastly knowledgeable and highly skilled, with a reputation for consistently delivering successful results. Whether in the courtroom or in the boardroom, Haynes Law Firm provides confident and adept advocacy, representing clients on either side of the employment line.

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Security For Employers

Haynes Law Firm helps employers and HR professionals create custom, sophisticated systems for mitigating risk and ensuring legal compliance. Haynes Law Firm works with employers throughout Ontario to develop proactive risk management solutions aimed at eliminating, minimizing, and managing workplace conflicts and disputes. Paulette Haynes and her team of employment law professionals also offer preventative counselling, progressive discipline policies, and in-house counsel support to employers. Having literally written the book on non-standard employment arrangements, Paulette’s counsel is highly sought after by organizations to assist with policy creation, as well as agreement drafting and review. Paulette’s vast experience and meticulous attention to detail make her exceptionally skilled at identifying potential issues, planning for long-term objectives, and closing loopholes.

Haynes Law Firm provides guidance and proactive solutions to help employers manage conflict in the early stages and represent their interests in dispute resolution.

Security For Employees

Small but remarkably mighty, Haynes Law Firm levels the playing field for employees and their employers. When facing a dispute with an employer, especially a large organization with seemingly unlimited resources, employees often feel intimidated and powerless. Haynes Law Firm offers employees the approachable environment of a small firm, with the knowledge and access of the largest Bay Street firms.

The firm routinely represents employees who have been unfairly terminated, or otherwise mistreated in the workplace. Employees who retain Haynes Law Firm have the confidence of knowing their interests are being protected and represented by a leading employment lawyer with considerable experience on both sides of an employment conflict. Paulette is a compelling advocate and is deeply passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for every client, in every case.

Intelligent Advocacy that Delivers Exceptional Results

Haynes Law Firm is known for providing high-quality representation and persuasive advocacy in all employment dispute forums. Paulette is a passionate litigator with extensive trial and alternative dispute resolution experience. She has appeared at all levels of court within Ontario and regularly represents clients at various tribunals, administrative bodies, and mediation and arbitration proceedings. Paulette is highly regarded as an elite litigator with a reputation for delivering remarkable results. Her meticulous attention to detail, extensive trial preparation, and compelling advocacy make her a daunting opponent in any venue.

Haynes Law Firm follows the adage ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’. Paulette works with clients to de-escalate and prevent disputes, while always preparing for that eventuality. Paulette and her team operate under the assumption that every case will go to trial or hearing, and they prepare accordingly as soon as they become involved. By preparing for a dispute from the start, Paulette gains a detailed understanding of the matter which often helps to facilitate a successful resolution earlier in the process. When a formal process becomes inevitable, the early preparation becomes a huge advantage in the advocacy process. As an accomplished professor of four different advocacy courses, Paulette excels at strategic dispute management and coordination on behalf of her clients.

Haynes Law Firm provides employers and employees with inventive and proactive solutions in a variety of settings, including:

Wrongful Dismissal
By Haynes Law Firm
Employee Terminations
By Haynes Law Firm
Employee Terminations
By Haynes Law Firm

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Haynes Law Firm offers practical and effective solutions to both employers and employees. Instead of a single-minded approach with litigation as the goal, the firm thinks outside of the box, providing strategic solutions to resolve disputes in the early stages before they escalate beyond the point of repair. Whether in the courtroom or in the boardroom, the firm provides confident and adept advocacy, representing clients on either side of the employment line. To discuss how the employment law team at Haynes Law Firm can assist you, please contact them online, or by phone at 416-593-2731.

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