The workplace has never been a more complex environment given the increased focus on issues of discrimination, bias, and inequality. The potential for conflict and legal claims seems to have multiplied exponentially in recent years. Given the rapid pace of change, employers are often striving to catch up to the times, requiring organizations to re-examine internal policies from the ground up for potential vulnerabilities.

With the advent of new technologies making remote work more commonplace, many employees are out of sight, allowing some conflicts to simmer for a longer period without an employer becoming aware until it’s too late. A small disagreement can escalate quickly to a full-scale dispute which takes considerable time and effort to resolve. For this reason, it is vital to address these potential conflicts as soon as possible.

Proactive strategies combined with effective conflict management tools enable employers to preserve their relationships with their employees and save the time and expense involved in prolonged dispute resolution. When a formal process cannot be avoided, employers need representation with the experience to mitigate their exposure to risk, reducing cost and saving time whenever possible.

Forward-Thinking, Effective Employment Law Solutions for Employers

Haynes Law Firm works with employers across Canada to offer them both forward-thinking solutions and effective dispute representation. The firm’s founding lawyer, Paulette Haynes, is a veteran employment lawyer and educator who has dedicated her career to the practice of employment law. Paulette and her team often work with employers long-term to design and implement conflict prevention strategies to de-escalate conflict in its earliest stages. When litigation is unavoidable, Paulette is a highly respected advocate in all types of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation before various levels of court and administrative tribunals.

Offering Preventative Employment Practices to Alleviate Conflict

Haynes Law Firm regularly works with employers to provide preventative counselling on a variety of issues to identify and minimize areas of employer risk. The firm excels at out-of-the-box thinking to identify proactive strategies that fit a variety of organizations, both large and small. Whether shadowing an employer to provide guidance on a specific issue or designing overall conflict management strategies, the firm works to save employers the cost and energy often associated with ongoing employment disputes.

Achieving Successful Results for Employers in a Variety of Employment Disputes

In addition to counselling clients on the many issues organizations may face in today’s business environment, the firm also assists employers in litigating employment and related disputes. Haynes Law Firm provides representation at all stages of an employment law matter, from commencing or defending an action, to representing clients in court. Where appropriate, the firm also uses alternative dispute resolution techniques such as fact-finding, mediation and arbitration, in an effort to control client costs and minimize uncertainty. Haynes Law Firm has established long-term relationships with many clients after achieving positive results for them in the past.

Haynes Law Firm represents employers at all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal, as well as the Federal Court of Canada and the Tax Court of Canada. In addition, the firm advocates on behalf of employer clients in a variety of tribunal hearings, with specific experience before the following boards and tribunals:

  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Workplace Safety and Appeals Tribunal
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Canada Pension Plan Appeals Review Board*
  • Board of Referees/ Employment Insurance Commission*

*These bodies are now consolidated as the Social Benefits Tribunal

Experienced Employer Counselling, Guidance, and Advocacy

Haynes Law Firm assists employers with developing and implementing employer policies and practices that foster employee relations and minimize the likelihood of costly lawsuits. The firm advises clients on day-to-day employment law issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Contact Haynes Law Firm in Toronto for Employer Strategy and Representation

Haynes Law Firm works with employers across various industries to identify and implement effective conflict prevention strategies. With a focus on limiting an organization’s exposure to liability, the firm works to identify and proactively address potential areas of concern for every client. When a dispute is unavoidable, the firm provides excellent advocacy in a variety of forums, including court, mediation, and arbitration. To discuss how the team at Haynes Law Firm can assist you, please reach out online, or by phone at 416-593-2731.