Toronto Employment Litigation Lawyer

Haynes Law Firm is an elite employment litigation boutique. The firm provides high-quality representation and persuasive advocacy on behalf of employers and employees throughout Canada.

Three Decades of Employment Litigation Experience

Paulette Haynes, the firm’s founder, is an accomplished litigator and respected litigation and advocacy professor. She has devoted her nearly 30-year long career solely to the practice of employment and labour law.

Paulette has extensive trial experience and has appeared before all levels of Ontario courts and the Federal Court and Tax Court of Canada. Paulette regularly represents clients at tribunals, administrative bodies, and at mediation and arbitration proceedings. Known as a formidable advocate with a persuasive and engaging courtroom presence, Paulette is a force to be reckoned with and a challenging opponent for even the largest employment firms in the country. Her diligent attention to detail, extensive trial preparation, and compelling advocacy make her a daunting opponent in any venue. 

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Haynes Law Firm follows the adage “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.  Resolving conflicts through early intervention is always Plan A. Meticulously preparing for litigation at the outset should Plan A become untenable is Plan B. From the moment Paulette begins working with a client, both Plan A, resolving disputes before they escalate, and Plan B, developing a sound litigation strategy are set in motion. Working in tandem, Plan A and Plan B strengthen one another and often result in an early resolution of the matter. Paulette’s early preparation strategy gives her the most thorough knowledge of the matter possible and provides a substantial benefit when negotiating a possible settlement.

Should a matter proceed to trial, the early preparation by Haynes Law Firm provides a huge advantage and offers a significant leg-up on the opposing party. Proactive preparation helps Paulette and her team to anticipate potential legal and procedural challenges and evidentiary issues. Her comprehensive knowledge of her client’s case allows her to develop a customized trial strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for her client. Meticulous and early trial preparation lessens the risk of unforeseen complications in the courtroom and helps the litigation process go as smoothly as possible.

Contact Haynes Law Firm in Toronto for Highly Skilled Employment Litigation Representation

Whether in the courtroom or in the boardroom, Haynes Law Firm in Toronto provides confident and adept advocacy, representing clients on either side of the employment line. The firm’s founder, Paulette Haynes, is highly regarded as an elite litigator and has earned a reputation for delivering remarkable results. Paulette is exceptionally knowledgeable, tactically astute, and inspires confidence in her clients. At Haynes Law Firm, Paulette has built a team that echoes her intense resolve and unrelenting determination to achieve successful results for every client, in every case.

To discuss how the employment law team at Haynes Law Firm can assist you in your litigation matter, please reach out online, or by phone at 416-593-2731.